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Originally Posted by crodz View Post
They only thing you will ever back up will be your settings.
All the user settings are located in the j3 folders. The Sytem folder to be exact.
I think even more specifically it's the PARAM.CFG file (in the \System folder) which represents your settings and configuration. It's probably just that file which is crucial.

Certainly if you delete that file and re-boot you'll now be back to "factory defaults" for everything and will need to re-customize. This is functionally equivalent to "RESET", or more extremely if you FORMAT the J3 (to FAT32).

Note that FORMAT (the most extreme "RESET") will erase everything on the J3. And then the first re-boot after that will trigger the currently installed firmware to re-build all of the default folder structures, populated with whatever may be default file contents (also obtained from firmware).

Obviously your \Music and \Video folders will be empty, and you'll need to create your own \Playlist folder if you want one (since that doesn't seem to be rebuilt automatically).

The \System\MusicDB folder (which holds the resized 95x95 mini-versions of all of your full-sized album art JPGs used by Matrix Browser, named as AB_nnn.jpg and created at boot time by the [check albums] function) is likewise initially empty. But as you add music/art folders/files, each reboot will trigger [check albums] and the \MusicDB folder will be automatically maintained.

Nothing else which may actually have been on your J3 initially (e.g. \Windows98 on mine, for whatever purpose) is apparently critical (at least for operation of the J3 with WinXP and Win7). So losing them with FORMAT appears harmless.
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