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Default Items for next firmware upgrade

Ok, The biggest peeve I have with the S9 is how it reads mp3 tags. Especially, when I want to listen to an "artist", I am not thinking of the "composer" of a song, I'm looking for the ALBUM ARTIST. If I want to shuffle through all my Bob Dylan albums, I can't because it doesn't recognize him as the artist. Did you know that Cheech Marin wrote a song on a Joni Mitchell album? Neither did I till I tried to search for Joni Mitchell albums. Cowan is not alone in this FUBAR. The only mp3 player that knows the difference between the album artist and song composer is, unfortunately, Ipod. A second issue is scrolling through my 200 albums and thousands of songs. Is it possible to get an alphabet selector or something to browse more quickly?
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I think we've had the last of the s9 Firmware updates, think they'll solely start focusing on the J3.
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@rdmagpie: Maybe your mp3's are not tagged correct? Check your tags with mp3tag or something similar because my S9 has absolutely no problem to sort by artist (but I only use the artist tag and not the album-artist tag or composer tag). A lot of UCI's offer a search function by the way so have a look around in the UCI section.
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It would be nice if they updated the flash, but they most likely won't make any more updates (past 2.53); much less update the flash version!
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