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Old 08-10-2010, 10:09 AM
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Originally Posted by ZHDuser View Post
I just found this site, think it's great, and am really happy to see that I can directly talk to someone who works on the development of the Zune itself! I recently bought a ZuneHD and love it! But there are a couple things I personally would change about it, and I really don't mean to complain at all, just tell ya my opinion (as if it matters ).
I'd really like to see some variation in the web browser itself. What we have now reminds me of what Sony put in their PSP for the browser, and to be honest, I don't much care for it. I'd love something with tabbed browsing and flash (but I understand the flash restrictions at the moment). Although, isn't all the hardware itself compatible with flash, it's just that the firmware isn't yet? Or is flash simply too sluggish all around? Anywho, I'd love tabbed browsing. I'd also really like maybe a Mozilla Firefox App? Or an IE App since both of those have tabbed browsing. That's my big thing, I hate having to leave the page that I'm on just to see a different one. For example, right now on my PC I've got 8 tabs open.
Also, an update to the Marketplace would be great! That is, the marketplace that's built into the ZuneHD. I'd love to be able to buy MS Points right on my Zune so that I can buy music more easily. It'd be sweet! But I do understand the fact that you guys designed the apps mostly for games, and as such they are in an XNA format. But is there anyway to break that format and maybe have a Firmware update so that you guys could start designing with a different format? Like with OpenZDK (which I don't use as it voids your warranty), someone managed to figure out a way to develop third party apps without XNA formatting. If you guys did that, it seems like it'd solve a lot of problems, and we could have far more Utility apps, which I really think are a lot better.
I'd love to see an E-Reader app, I think a Bible app would do very well also. I chose the ZuneHD over the Ipod touch, but I think you guys could put up much more competition if you started revealing more apps for this great device! The apps seem to be the deal breakers. For example, a guitar tuner app is very popular on the Ipod, stuff like that could really bring the ZuneHD into a whole new light. I'm sure you already know that though. Just wanted to post my thoughts!
1) The browser is based on a core mobile browser (WinCE and IE6... I think it's 6...) Making more than cosmetic changes is very likely to be a serious effort -as in beyond the zune team. Watch the MS mobile browser strategy...that has to happen first, then it can generally come to zune with much less zune team effort. 2) See 1, plus even if the hardware can handle it, it still allegedly eats battery time. 3) The war of the browsers is intense...I doubt a FF app would ever happen... 4) Buying points right on the device would be cool...but I'd be very leery of this. Folks lose their zunes too easily, and so the security you'd need could be intense.
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