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Default First Generation Clip won't add or delete any files

Hello everybody,

I was wondering if someone could help me, or if my Clip is kaput. I got a first-gen model (1GB) right when it came out, almost 3 years ago, and after working fine all this time, it's started having weird problems the last few weeks. One day, it just stopped working properly. I could still listen to stuff with it, but it stopped being recognized when plugged into my computer and began taking a long time to boot up. I tried resetting it by pushing up the power switch for 15 seconds, clearing all settings, connecting using all three USB modes, and it still wouldn't connect. Finally, I tried formatting the unit and that did the trick, it worked just fine... for maybe a week. Now it will connect to the computer, (though it takes longer than normal) but I can't add any files to or delete any from the unit, either using Windows explorer or the delete function on the player itself. Whenever I try to add any files to the player, it says I "don't have authority" to do that. It also takes a couple minutes to boot up, and all the settings are deleted every time it turns off. I've tried resetting the unit, formatting it, connecting to a few different computers in case the main one I've been using had a software incompatibility problem, and using different USB modes with each one, but none of that has helped. I've also tried updating the firmware, both by dragging and dropping, and by using the Sansa Updater, but neither way works.

Thanks for any advice

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Not sure if it has an internal battery, but if the settings aren't saving it sounds like that kind of issue.

Try using rockbox on it, although if the firmware doesn't update it probably means its not going to install anyways.
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You may have disk problems. I you are using Windows connect in MSC mode and right click on the drive letter assigned to the Clip. Select Properties=> Tools=> =Error Checking=> Check Now.

BTW I would not attempt to install Rockbox on a player that is having problems. I find it works very well on a healthy player but it's not a magic fix for a player with hardware problems.
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Well, I ran the disk check, but no errors showed up. I was kinda doubting any would, since I've tried connecting the player to a few different computers and it didn't work right with any of them. Thanks for the suggestion, though.
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