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I own a PSP 3000 series and I do love the resolution/size of the screen and the speakers that come with it... But I do not love the fact that I have to convert many files for it and also limited storage size (duo stick memory cards are expensive compared to micro sd)

I have downloaded 700mb movies/Korean dramas from various forums and uploaded them directly to Cowon J3 - watched, enjoyed, sometimes with tears... very well on it!!

PSP used to be my video-watching-gadget but that changed to Cowon...though it drains the battery life greatly lol...

Also, AMOLED screen makes HQ videos look AMAZING (only if it supported 720p or higher resolution it would've been OMYGAWD)

IMO: I love watching videos on J3 - very colourful + no hassle for converting most videos (.avi file that is)
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