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Default Headphone jack is screwy

So when I put my headphones in, or any cord for that matter, I have to put just the right amount of pressure on it, in the right direction, or else the sound is really messed up. Static, no bass, strange sounds, etc...

Anyone else having this problem? Is it cheap to fix?
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Are you sure it does it with other headphones. If it does, sounds like you need to RMA or resolder the headphone jack.
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I have 2 Views where the previous owner tried to fix the head phone jack. While he/she did not do a bad job, the sound still wasn't quite right. I found that the new solder job did not effectively complete the circuit for the phono ground. So I ran a bit of solder from the phono plug ground to the usb plug outside. This fixed the audio problem on both Views. Unfortunately it had the side effect of rendering the radio nonoperational. The radios just get static and can no longer pick up any station. I am wondering if this is because the FM radio uses the audio jack as an antenna. Any Ideas??
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