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Originally Posted by Living In Lies View Post
JVC has a nice player? I thought they were a walmart-style company (sells everything), idk, shows what I know. I kinda love that SD-SV100V though, it's just a cool looking device.

In Japan, where I live during 2010, Victor are quite popular (JVC stands for Japan Victor Company). Perhaps not when it comes to DAP:s thought, since the majority of mp3 players I see here in the Tokyo area are iPod nano and classic...

If I understand correctly, JVC entered the mp3 player market in 2005 with the XA HD-500 - a 6GB microdrive DAP with a supposedly very good SQ. They also released some lower capacity DAP:s (1 & 2 GB) which I do not know the name of.

Here's a review from 2005

Another one

Later they have released flash based DAP:s, the main series now being the Alneo XA V series with capacities being 2, 4 and 8 GB.

I have not heard any of these, but before I go back to Sweden in December I will try to get hold of a XA HD-500. I like it that it has got a cradle with line out and a wireless remote included. Too bad that it cannot play lossless including wav...

Kenwood is another Japanese company that has released pretty good mp3 players. Since coming to Japan, I have bought a Kenwood HD20GA7 which is a hdd based DAP released in 2005. It sounds very nice and I wonder why it has been so difficult to get hold of outside of Japan...
In 2007 Kenwood also released HD30GB9 (30GB) and HD10GB7 (10GB) and then in 2008 HD60GD9 (60GB) before switching to flash based players. Apparently the HDD players sound better than the flash based players but still the flash based ones sound very good.

People living outside of Japan might be able to find stuff here. The prices seem a bit high, though, and the XA V80 series is sold out...

EDIT: There is this thread in this very sub-forum about the XA V80.
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