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Default Back to basics, playing music?

Can somebody detail the process for playing select folders C and D below.

1.- Power on > press music
2.- Select [Folders]> [J3] > [music] > [trance]
3.- Press + [D] (I see green circle with tick), press [C] (I see green circle with tick)

Now what?

OK being a programmer and dealing with users I'm used to obscure logic...

4.- Play any file
5.- Press the playlist icon below the time, 2 times
6.- Now you're on the * the favorites playlist
7.- Play any file
8.- Now you're playing C & D... if you already had files in the favourites, delete - > "All" of them and start again.

WTF kind of messed up logic is that?
Sure I must be missing something? ... I don't want a playlist I just want to play everything in
[Folders]> [J3] > [music] > [trance] > [D]
[Folders]> [J3] > [music] > [trance] > [C]
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I don't have a clue what you're talking about. I just did what you showed and everything played just fine.

1.- Power on > press music
2.- Select [Folders]> [J3] > [music] > [AC/DC]
[Highway To Hell]
[Flick Of The Switch]
[Back In Black]
[Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap]

3.- Press [Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap] (select a track and it plays)

What kind of music format are your songs in? Sounds to me like maybe you have a format the J3 can't play. Check with your user manual and it will list all the format that is compatible.
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Default You have to create a playlist to do that

using the first part of your post after 'what now'. You have put those two folders into your favorites. Go back to the play screen (the screen with the single album art). Them press the top left button, you'll see the albums listed in text form select a track and it will play. You need to ensure that the player is set 'folder play'. press the top of the screen in the middle. A black menu will drop down. Press the second icon from the left and make sure the 3rd icon from the left shows a picture of a folder. Congrats you have now selected 2 discreet albums to play. You are not alone, the logic sucks on this player.
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wrathchild: read my post slowly. the objective is to play everything in C & D from a power on.

Go back to the play screen
this is not possible unless you are already playing something or already have a something in the playlist.... U can only click the M this takes u back to the main menu and then if u click music, u go back to the Browser.

'folder play' is just limits your tracks to the current folder.

I know how to do it, it's just that it's a bit irrational.
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