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I actually have the opposite problem... my J3 32GB sounds quite low with the Shure SE530

I've only got FLAC sources... but I generally listen to it at around 32 volume... with the Shure SE210's I have to up the volume to 40 (max).

BTW: Shure is now black listed with me... I find their earphones really poor, yet astronomically expensive. Base is always substandard. If you want decent base no boomy BS, just nice in your head deep'ish base go with the Senn IE8's... I really regret not paying the extra $100 and getting some IE8's.

If you want the good stuff at a decent price get some Denon AH-D5000's.... TOTALLY AWESOME with any type of sound Games, Movies (HDDVD Matrix=wow), Music!

I'm starting to feel like a Denon rep. cos I pimp them on every post... but they really do sound fantastic... just a little big
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