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@dfkt Thanks... knew there'd have to be some ARM processor in there too.
So there's no HW difference? Shouldn't people be able to load the J3 fw on the S9?
2 integrated DACs, I see that now... should have looked at the Wolfson page!

@rickysio BTW: With a J3 32GB I get 7.5 - 8.5hrs from full charge playing FLAC ~950kps powering some Shure SE530's with vol set at 34 and screen off.

Not exactly sure what time, cos I left it on my desk at work but didn't catch the exact time it stopped playing... it was off @ the 8.5hr mark and still playing @ the 7.5hr mark. I could turn it on after but the battery indicator was all grey.

So maybe it is Marketing BS.

Also the Shure's are a PoS for the money after ~60hrs burn in. And Denon AH-D5000 are TOTALLY awesome... to my ears.

I also get no hiss with the Shure's + J3... I get a faint ssshhhhh with an HTC Blackstone.
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