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Originally Posted by Oswald View Post
Hey guys,

Starting a few days ago, whenever I have my Zune HD plugged into a standard outlet with the Zune cable and my WiFi is on, the UI gets slower and less smooth. When I try to browse the web, my Zune will crash and I have to hold the power button for 10 seconds to restart it. This doesn't happen every time; I would say about 70% it occurs.

Has anybody else experienced this?
I doubt it's the adapter. You can check that easily though:
1) look at the adapter sticker for the output specs. should be 5V and 500mA or 1A. 500mA is the USB spec, but the zune can handle up to 1A (the zune charger is 1A.)
2) plug into your PC and see if the behavior is any different.

Make sure it's not overheating (the device...) Lithium batteries do not like heat. But heat just ages them faster, so wouldn't explain this issue.

And, you do know it should sync periodically when powered, right? If that's not working, it might mean you have a PC problem, and the device is lagging because it's trying to get a sync started.

Finally, I'd reinstall the device firmware.
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