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Installation is very easy. Navigate to the System\Flash UI folder and drag and drop. Make sure the mainmenu file is trailed with a number between 1 and 3. e.g mainmenu1.swf. When the J3 boots up, it goes to menu 1 methinks and you can switch to 2 or 3 using the menu switcher swipe bar.

So far, Claw UI seems the most user friendly. It has tons and tons of customizations.

The coolest thing I've found so far is that it includes an on the go playlist editor! It's not perfect because it's working around the restrictions of the device but it is very very clever. It uses your favorites list to populate, order, and load the playlists.

Now for the bugs:

One thing that is definitely broken is going into the settings page using any UCI will cause the icons in the top bar to wig out and will be generally non-responsive. Some things work but going to different pages does not.

Another thing broken with Claw's is the bottom bar lets you switch back to menu 2 or 3 but those menus (at least the built in ones) will have the top bar wig out and will generally be non-responsive.

If you are going to try this UCI out, I would recommend making 2 copies of mainmenu1.swf and renaming them mainmenu2.swf and mainmenu3.swf. This will replace all the base menus and at least switching between menus will not make your device wig out.

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