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Default Non - standart cable,why?

I have just lost cable to Samsung R0.In the shop - they do not have it.
Service? around the corner:big show room!First they told me the price:25US$
(twentyfive).Player belongs to my lady,I did not want to loose face,reluctantly I said - OK,I buy.But they did not have it in stock - 2 weeks waiting!25$ for USB cable and they do not have it?Forget it!
I had idea of looking again for that lost item,it had to be somewhere in my junk boxes!But I drifted to nearby digital plaza and miracle! - in 15 minutes I had found what I was looking for - generic cable,it fits to half a dozen of different mobile phones and what is the cost?
I forget to say,that after I had heard that 25$ price in the service I had said then:
Oh!now I know why you use always proprietory cables in your products!
and that guy said ....yes.....
now you know,do not loose it
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