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Originally Posted by Marvin the Martian View Post
I'm sorry!
Seriously, from all that I've heard about the View, I would send it back for a refund.

Having owned one since March 2008, I cannot say that I have had any big problems with it. I did have problems in the beginning with getting album art to display correctly which led me to join this place.
I have also had some problems with MicroSD card integration where a file is duplicated on the card every time the database is refreshed. This is a known problem with Views and MicroSD cards thanks to SanDisk's sloppy firmware. I found a workaround for this problem.

If SanDisk had not abandoned the View to focus on the Fuze and Clip or if a Rockbox port came into being, the full potential of the View would be realized. The only thing that was lacking was good firmware.

To the OP: is you View new? If it is, you could ask for a replacement. I have never heard of the problem you describe.
Concerning encoding 192kbps should be a minimum. The higher the encoding the better. You could try VBR2 or 1 if you want to save space or VBR0 if you want the best quality mp3 songs with the smallest size (VBR0 is as good as 320 but takes much less space).
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