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I just got mine!

First of all, sorry lestatar for saying that I would get Maximo iMetal590 phones on my previous topic, but since I got delayed on the purchase I was able to save more money, and after I read this review I just thought 'I have to buy this!'.

So here I am. I bought them for 130€ from uk eBay shipping included. Ordered them last Friday, they took a week to get here. Not bad at all!

My previous history of IEMs are: EP-630, EP-830 (didn't like those at all) and Sony MDR-EX082 (hybrids). And taking a look at that it was to expect that by going to these RP-HJE900 it would sound much much better, but gosh, I never thought it could be that good!

I'm no expert but these phones are the best I've heard in my life. Attending to my history it's no shock, but I can say that I was quite surprised with this. I love all about them, the built quality is perfect imo, cable seems and feels like the best, as well the phones themselves, cable length etc etc.

I took a while to actually listen to them since I had a hard time stopping to appreciate such amazing phones. What to say about SQ... it takes music to a whole different level in my experience, and I mean it with all my heart, because honestly these made me smile for more than 5 minutes as soon as I pressed Play on my player. Lows are just the enough to me, mids seem a bit neutral but with a clean sound signature, highs are very detailed indeed, and the slightly sibilance as dfkt refereed on his review don't bother me at all, especially compared to what I've been listening to before.

I couldn't be happier with the Panasonic RP-HJE900. I strongly recommend them!

PS: Sorry if my post wasn't coherent at all, I have some troubles in doing so in English language.
PSS: Forgot to mention that these also fit my ears perfectly with Medium earpieces and isolation is quite good imo.

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