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Originally Posted by Need Balance Control View Post
Thanks again for all your help dfkt. It's Wednesday. Only two more days to go!!!! Can you tell I'm excited?
With good reason! You're going to be in for a treat, I'm sure about that.

Originally Posted by Need Balance Control View Post
Holy shite. Them are some fighting words. I may have to plagiarize that and use it as my signature, especially on head-fi, once I have the HJE in my hands.

Or, better yet, "The Fischer Audio DBA-02 play sound waves, the HJE play music."
Heh, I guess that was a sensationalist enough slogan. I should try writing for Engadget/Gizmodo, "HJE900 - the iPod stock earbuds killer!"

Of course I do find the RE0 to be good phones for their current going price of $79 - and the same can be said for other more flat, linear, analytic phones like the PFE, q-Jays, or the like. It's the same as comparing studio monitors to living room speakers - they're just in very different categories, made for very different requirements, or sound preferences. The HJE sure falls in the category of euphonic phones with great timbre, while the RE0 and the others are overly neutral and maybe 'honest', yet not very exciting. One man's meat is another one's poison, or so they say...

Originally Posted by Need Balance Control View Post
You must have at least one trustworthy friend from here who resides in the UK and could purchase a pair on your behalf then post them to you. If this was a sale in the US, I'd definitely do that for you.
I already found a way. Whee!
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