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Originally Posted by dfkt View Post
You need the black ones. The transparent ones have a smaller nozzle diameter, made for the newer generation of UE universal IEMs.
Thanks again for all your help dfkt. It's Wednesday. Only two more days to go!!!! Can you tell I'm excited?

Originally Posted by dfkt View Post
The RE0 play sound waves, the HJE play music.
Holy shite. Them are some fighting words. I may have to plagiarize that and use it as my signature, especially on head-fi, once I have the HJE in my hands.

Or, better yet, "The Fischer Audio DBA-02 play sound waves, the HJE play music."

Originally Posted by dfkt View Post
For everyone living in the UK, has the HJE900 for EUR 97 / GBP 69:

Of course those damn bastards don't ship to any address outside the UK, damn them. I would have bought them in an instant.
You must have at least one trustworthy friend from here who resides in the UK and could purchase a pair on your behalf then post them to you. If this was a sale in the US, I'd definitely do that for you.

Originally Posted by JxK View Post
For you it's an option since you're in Europe. But for us poor souls living across the Atlantic, well, sadly we're just out of luck.
No doubt! I took a look at the prices on and their prices were insane cheap, almost to the point where I'm thinking they're all fakes. How could they possibly be so cheap, especially in Europe/UK where prices are generally more expensive than the US!?! I'm generally quite content with living in the US and have no special desire to live in Europe--in this case the UK--but this sale at is making me wish I lived in the UK. It's not just the Panasonics, they have crazy low prices for many, many IEMs.

Take a look at my findings:

[Is it OK to link to head fi on here? If not, please edit-delete my link above.]

The pair of Creative 630's I currently use are
Creative EP-630 In Ear Headphones£5.35 Free Delivery at

In comparison, they sell at (US) for $29.99 currently.
Though I have seen Amazon (US) sell them for as low as $16.99, but still, at £5.35 that's only ~$8.10. WTF!
At these prices, I'd like to import wholesale and sell them on ebay in the US. It's that cheap!
Black Cowon J3 16GB (Firmware 2.21) + 16GB SanDisk microSDHC
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