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Originally Posted by ultrauber View Post
Would you consider these a solid update from the RE0? I've been looking for a bit more of the low, low bass and better instrument separation. But not at the cost of any of the detail I've grown to love.
They're definitely a solid upgrade from the RE0. Besides the semi-pathetic China-OEM build quality of the RE0, the HJE have real deep bass where the RE0 roll off and have too much midbass in relation, the soundstage is much more accurate and wider, and the dynamics and punch/attack/speed are a whole step up as well. The RE0 play sound waves, the HJE play music.

Originally Posted by floeezy View Post
Judging by the daily traffic on ABI and the influence your ears play on users and readers alike, I can predict that RP-HJE900 sales have significantly increased for Panasonic, especially when comparing this increase to the poor sales they have experienced in previous months.
Of course, this spike in sales is quite minimal for Panasonic in the grand scheme of things; however, your following wish... also mine, and I believe your review will help it come true.

Now it's time for me to make a $130 decision!
Heh, I noticed the Amazon Marketplace store I linked in the review had them for $114, now they're up to $129 there.

Maybe they still can be had for cheaper someplace else - I guess some genuine Yankees are better suited to find a lower price than little old me in Austria.
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