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Originally Posted by lestatar View Post
Hmm, re: the CX300 - dfkt, you are cheating and using different tips.

NBC, my comments about the relatively poor isolation of the CX300/EP630 were due of course to the fact that I only use the stock tips on em.
With nice ones like dfkt always uses, not surprised at all isolation would be better.

Bottom line: dfkt knows what the heck he is talking about whereas I....
I use stock tips only as well. But I think I'm going to give the UE/Logitech tips a try.

Originally Posted by kasrhp View Post
Well I just called the company from Amazon I ordered from. They were sold out when I ordered (foot in my mouth) and will take until next week to get them in. So, he is going to call me to tell me when they expect them, and then said they could overnight them to me when they receive them. So, we shall see. The suspense is killing me.
That sucks kasrhp. I saw many places that offered them for sale list them as special order items. I made sure to call up J&R and specifically asked the sales guy over and over if they indeed had them in stock and ready to ship immediately or whether they'd special order them once I placed an order with them. He said they had 12 of them in stock and even asked, jokingly, if I wanted to purchase all 12 of them. I ordered last Thursday and J&R did ship out my pair last Friday. So props to J&R for not BSing. They delivered.

Originally Posted by dfkt View Post
Yeah, the stock tips of the CX are awfully thin - I guess they could have an adverse effect on isolation. But the way they react to wind noise is quite the dealbreaker for me anyways, going outside on windy days with them is no fun with the constant hiss.
dfkt, in regards to the size of the UE/Logitech tips, are they the same size as the cx 300/creative 630; that is to ask, if I use the medium size tips of the creative 630, I would purchase the medium size for the UE tips as well, correct? They are equivalent in size? I'm referring to the part that goes into my ear, not the part that attaches to the earphone. Thanks.
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