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Originally Posted by lestatar View Post
This should be a snap and you have a couple options.

How do you connect your Fuze to your PC? Check SETTINGS>SYSTEM SETTINGS>USB MODE. If you have it set to MSC, when you connect the Fuze to your Win computer it should detect both the fuze and the card, adding a drive letter for each. Then you can simply drag and drop your music onto the card. I suggest making folders under a main MUSIC folder which is on the root of the card.

Get some kind of microSDHC USB Card Reader. Connect this to your PC with the card. Then simply drag and drop as above.

Beware: Fuze can take between 5-25+ mins to refresh the internal database whenever you add/change anything on the device. Anything, even a single byte of data.

mpt or msc mode will work for drag and drop with windows xp and newer, 2k will work if you have the proper mtp drivers(some software installs mtp drivers for example)

to minimize db refresh time use MP3tag to remove un-needed tags from all files you put on the fuze, this can drop a 25min refresh to under 5 min(infact i have seen it drop a refresh that normally took over 30min down to just under 4 min)

best to have it strip all tags that arent id3v2 as thats what the OF prefers.

you def need to clean up your tags if a refresh is taking 27min.

the fuze likes one specific type of tags better then others, the more crap thats tagged to each file the longer the refresh will endup taking.
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