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Originally Posted by gleipnir View Post
Hey guys, just received my Ringke Case. The FASTEST shipping ever. Arrived here in Canada in only 6 days (4 business days) total! Arrived here before my zagg IS did...which apparently takes 7-10 business days to ship (USPS).

The only thing I have against this case would be that it greatly reduces the tactile feedback. I thought the tactile feedback on the play/pause button was bad enough before...but now, I can't feel a THING. 100% of the time, I will NOT be able to know if I actually pressed it or not, unless I have earphones plugged in, and I'm listening the music (which makes the hold button > main menu function sort of hard). However, I LOVE the material, and it fits the S9 PERFECTLY. Still recommended.

Oh, and also, I just realized that it's sort of hard to access the scroll bar I can't tap it to a general location before I start scrolling through the actual list. All of these are just minor cons I guess...a case is still better than no case at all!
Old thread I know. Sorry to bring it alive again, but I just wanted to post and say a big thanks for the very detailed comments. It helps a lot. Was thinking of purchasing a Ringke case for the J3, but given your comments above, I'm going to have to carefully re-evaluate the pros and cons.
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