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Originally Posted by Need Balance Control View Post
dfkt, have you used any of the CX 300/creative 630/Sony 51/71 phones? If so, can you comment on the isolation of the Panasonic as opposed to the above mentioned 'phones? From the review, I get a sense that the Panasonics will actually isolate less than the above 'phones. Am I correct in my understanding or do I need to be corrected? Thanks.
Yes, I do have a pair of the first generation CX300. I've also been using them with the same Super.Fi silicon tips as I use with the HJE900. They isolate about the same. Maybe the CX300 isolate the tiniest bit more when it comes to broadband noise, if my memory serves me right, but the difference should be negligible in daily use.

(Then again, the CX300 are very picky when it comes to transmitting wind noise, while the HJE900 aren't susceptible for that.)
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