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Default iPod format

Can a person convert iPod format to one that will work with J3? If so, how.
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What exactly do you mean? Most likely you have your music as MP3s or WMAs; both will work when transferred to a J3.
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What type of format?
As long as it isn't protected I guess you can convert it.
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I'm assuming he has AAC (.m4a) files from using iTunes to rip CDs or from buying songs from the iTunes store.

If the J3 does not support AAC, you can convert it to a different format pretty easily but it will sound bad. If you didn't buy songs off of the iTunes store and you care about SQ, I suggest you re-encode with LAME mp3 or something (do not use the iTunes mp3 encoder, it sucks)

Ideally it might be a good idea to rip to FLAC (lossless) so you can encode to whatever format you want in the future.
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