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Originally Posted by skip252 View Post
Congrats on taking the plunge. Which player are you getting?
I have a second Clip+ and another player that shall remain nameless (lestatar is looking at this thread right now, hoping I slip up and reveal the secret.....Ha! No such luck!) coming in the mail in a couple days.

Originally Posted by skip252 View Post
I wouldn't think twice about the sound adjustments. It can be as complex or simple as you care to make it. You can get in there and try to adjust every subtle nuance of the sound or just give a little bass and treble adjustment, set your Replaygain values and be done.

The first few weeks I went nuts getting the perfect settings and saving them to .cfg files. When I looked at them in a text editor at home I found that in 8 out of 10 cases the settings were so close there was no way I was actually hearing the differences riding the bus or walking next to a busy street.

Admittedly the first exposure may be a bit daunting because things are so very different. I have to believe with the common sense advice you've given dozens of other you should adapt quickly.

And no I won't tell you to RTFM. I figure if anyone would have done that before you ask how to do something it would be you.
Thanks Skip...yeah, I'll try to refrain from dumb questions. I've heard that the ReplayGain is better implemented than the OF too, if that is the case, all the better!
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