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Originally Posted by Satellite_6 View Post
How do these compare to the PFEs? Better overall?
The PFE are generally neutral, linear, analytic phones, while the HJE are more of the euphonic, dynamic, 'musical' variety. Those two flavors of phones are a bit hard to compare, something like studio monitors vs. living room loudspeakers. Which flavor one likes is mostly a matter of personal preference, of the music one listens to, and such.

The PFE have a tiny bit more overall precision (pretty much best in class), they isolate a bit more, they have less bass quantity, and a bit more forward midrange. Treble is pretty similar between the two, with the HJE being a bit more 'hot'. Sound stage is better on the HJE, they also have more 'punch' to the sound, and build quality of course is better as well. They're also easier to fit in one's ears.

So there's basically only one solution: get both.
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