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Default Sony X1060 Earphone Hiss

Hi. I've just bought a second hand X1060. It's in generally great condition, but I've noticed that there's an audible hiss from the earphones when the player is on but not playing anything, and the 'S' sounds in songs are a bit hissier than I think they should be. When I use an older pair of Sony earphones (from an A818) there is no hiss, although the output is generally quieter and feels a little less rich. Can anyone tell me whether the hiss I get with the bundled earphones is normal?

If the earphones are faulty I'm considering replacing them with some Sennheiser CX95 or Shure SE102- any thoughts on these or alternatives in that price range are welcome.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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I think that's just the way it is. I noticed it at first but now it's totally inaudible to me. I'd only replace the stock earbuds if I really didn't need Noise Canceling, (which I do).
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Thanks for the response, greyfox. Aside from the noise cancelling, which I'm not so bothered about, how good are the bundled earphones meant to be? I'm not initially all that impressed with them, but want to make sure that if I replace them I do actually improve upon them. Would the Sennheiser CX95, the cheaper CX400-II, or the Shure ES102 actually be an improvement (noise cancelling aside)?
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Yeah the Sennheisers will be an improvement, the supplied earphones are alright, better than most supplied earphones *cough* ipod *cough* but still not that great
My Sony X1060 review
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