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Default DealExtreme FM transmitter User Review

DealExtreme has a full range universal FM transmitter that will cost you $8.36 shipped anywhere in the world. At that price I had to give it a try, seeing how I still haven't found a FM transmitter I'm satisfied with

When this arrived, I was a bit startled, because the screen seemed misplaced. I opened it and saw that it was only the plate providing the background light, placed it correctly, and no it's all fine. Still, it should have arrived perfect, though factory errors do happen. Also, the "up" button is very slow/needs to be pushed hard.
The design is pretty standard for these kinds of transmitters. Shaped like a bean, with two power ports (car adapter is included) and room for batteries (2 AA's). It has an on/off button, up/down and three buttons on the front for setup and saved channels.

I'm not quite sure who needs a thermometer or a clock on a FM transmitter, but it's there nonetheless, and of course it doesn’t hurt. The transmitter features full frequency range from 87 to 108.5 MHz with 0.1 MHz intervals. This way, you can always find a channel that's not used. The display shows the time and temperature when you turn it on, and if you hit the on/off button again it goes into transmitter mode and you can choose frequency. You can also browse and store 10 preset frequencies using the three buttons under the LCD, which is a very nice feature that allows you to quickly find the right setup if you use it several places. As I said it has two power ports, I haven't tried either the USB or the car adapter, but I'm sure it works It's nice to have several methods of running the thing depending on where you use it.

In use
I have tested a LOT of Fm transmitters and either they have SQ issues or they're too weak to give a decent signal. Now, FM transmitters will never come close to cable, but if you have a car with a radio or just want to play your music on anything with a radio, they're good enough. This one has a decent range. I tested it through brick wall, about 15 feet from the radio, worked fine. It all depends on how close any real radio channels are on the band, but 15 feet with not much signal loss isn't bad and more than enough for use in car etc. The sound quality was very good compared to others I've tried, even though there was still a noticeable amount of hiss, but that's to be expected. Bottom line is, that if you have a nice stereo either in your car or at home, then chances are there will be a line-in. If you don't, then you won't get hi-fi sound anyways, and in my opinion a FM transmitter works well enough in a car etc with background noise and all that.

The slow button and the misplaced background light plate wasn't the best thing, but for the price I'm glad it worked at all. Sound quality and range is more than good enough for my use, and for a little over $8 shipped, there is really not much to complain over with this thing. It works well, has nice features and it's cheap. Nice work

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Default Stereo or not?

Are they stereo or not?

I have now bought 3 FM-transmitters (2 on ebay), and none of them turned out to be real stereo.

The lates I bought is from DX (

Neither this was real stereo (the STEREO lights on the FM-radio, but there is no left/right seperation off the signal).
I played a MP3 on the computer and moved the balance from middle to right to left ... you could hear changing in volum, but not that the sound comes just from the right or the left speaker!

Else it was the best/cheapest FM-transmitter I bought - it came with a 12V(car)->USB Power adapter and had a termometer build in the transmiter.
Else mine transmitter was really hard to read - very weak digits/display!
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It's stereo, tested both with the D2 as reciever and it lit up as stereo, and played back a stereo tune thats has very clear left and right and no doubt its stereo

oh and you wont have troubles seeing the display on this xD
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For that matter, every FM transmitter I have seen/experienced does broadcast in stereo. The trick, however, is getting good reception with these things. If your car's radio is not picking up a decently strong signal, the behavior for most car radios is to "mix" the left and right channels to suppress static noise. This isn't "mono" mode at this point, as the degree of mix depends on the strength of the signal. However, all FM stereo receivers, if the signal isn't strong enough, will not go into stereo mode (reception of the stereo pilot signal is poor or non-existant). So you will have to find a way to improve the reception from one of these transmitters, which can be very tricky if not futile - which is why the use of an FM transmitter for "connecting" a device to your car stereo is considered an absolute last-resort measure.
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I just stumbled upon this review, and am quite happy to have found it. I was looking for an FM transmitter to recommend to my brother, and this one fits the requirements perfectly. Thanks for the great review Andreas.
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