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Old 07-11-2010, 01:20 PM
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For example, here's a good player, the Sansa Clip+, trying to drive several multi-armature phones - and here's a bad player, the Hifiman HM-801, trying to do the same.
I do my side by side comparisons with the player(s) going through a Harmon Kardon receiver with Polk floor standing speakers. I hardly use my players through headphones.
I've also found that a 'good' player (like my VisionM) will sound good regardless of the bitrate of the mp3.
An inferior player( like the 'Zen' or ZenV+), no matter how long I obsessively tweak the settings will not surpass it's baseline.

I can hear the difference immediately. Clarity, presence, 'body'....

Analog, I can understand. But digital sound conversion in these contraptions baffles me.
Do hard drive players intrinsically have better reproduction than flash based ?
I think Creative 'lost it' after they discontinued the Vision M.
There's no reason why they couldn't have followed up with a smaller player with the same audio quality with 32GB.
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