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Old 07-10-2010, 11:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Need Balance Control View Post
It doesn't really matter. You can create folders or not, it won't matter. The J3, upon start up, checks every file--most likely the file name extension--to see what kind of file it is and categorizes the file appropriately. So it's good and bad. It's good in that you can have any kind of folder structure to organize your files, but it's bad in that you can't quasi-hide files by hiding it, for example, 10 layers deep in some sub folder. The files will still show up in the top level of the music or video section on the J3.
I had come to the same conclusion after performing some experiments with videos, to use the remaining free space on the 16GB card.

Sure enough, the AVI files I copied directly to the root of that drive showed up in Explorer along with the 108 other artist folders which I'd previously copied to the root of the drive. And sure enough, those AVI files were discovered (and thumbnailed to appear on the Video browser list).

Then I created a \Video folder on that drive and moved the AVI files into it. And again, sure enough the videos were discovered properly.

The only real difference is the expected one, namely that coming in through [Folders] or Browser, when drilling into [J3 Ext] you'll first see the top-level folders along with the individual files, or not.

So just to keep things consistent with how they look when coming in through [Folders] -> [J3] for primary storage, I think I'll create both \Music and \Video on the external card, exactly as is the structure in primary storage. I have no problem then selecting either \Music or \Video when arriving at that level, on either storage device.
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