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Old 07-10-2010, 09:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Need Balance Control View Post
What happens when you delete--or not include--the internal track number? In what sequence does the J3 then display the order?
At first, I simply used my tagger utility (MP3/Tag Studio) to erase the track numbers in a folder. I then checked the J3-displayed sequence of tracks for that album, and it still was the way it used to be when the track numbers were present.

I assume that was because of some previously developed cache storage for that folder.

So I then deleted the folder, restarted the J3 (to presumably rebuild the cache to NOT have that folder), and double-checked to ensure that the folder was gone (it was, of course).

Then I re-copied the folder again, and again used my tagger to erase the track numbers. then I restarted the J3 (presumably to rebuild the cache to now once again have the folder but this time without track numbers).

And this time, the folder is back and the tracks within that album are now displayed alphabetically (by ID3 track name), rather than by ID3 track number as before.

So we must conclude it's really a 2-level sort when looking at an album: ID3 track number major, and then ID3 track title minor. In the complete absence of ID3 track numbers it will effectively be 1-level alphabetical by ID3 track title.

So if "alphabetical by title, within an album" is what you want, erase the ID3 track numbers in the MP3 files. Otherwise, your J3 search and playback for tracks on that album will reflect the physical track number sequence of the original source CD as reflected in the ID3 track number values in the MP3 files since ID3 track number is really the major sort key used by the J3 when looking at an album folder.

Good to know.
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