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Originally Posted by Madhuri View Post
I want album art to appear on my T10. I currently have 3.06 US firmware installed. Will this display album art and if so, what do I need to do to display it (all my songs are tagged with album covers using MP3 Tag). If firmware 3.06 US doesn't display album art, what version do I need and where do I get it?
Upgrade to the korean v 3.07 MSC fimware,

Samsung T10 Lafleur v.3.07 with Chaplin GUI

>> MSC firmware makes the T10 behave like a USB stick.<<

Please read this, it will help you do the Fimware Upgrade

From memory the korean v 3.07 MSC fimware lets you have Lyrics, yes I have tested it, but I dont know what I used to get the Lyrics.

I know this is one program that I have used, but I think for Album Art

Update:The 2 programs that I have left on my PC are MiniLyrics, Samsung LyricsStation, EmoDio has a file in it that mentions LDB LyricsEditor, but I can't find any info in the EmoDio Program.

EmoDio replaces Media Studio. (

I could only get Album Art to work with MP3 files.
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