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Originally Posted by dan55 View Post

When I import a CD into the media studio it seems overly labourious.

Replace Media Studio with EmoDio, Media Studio is old and out of date.

I can import the whole CD no problem. But what if I only want selected tracks?

There are little tick arrows next to each track but de-selecting these makes no difference and when you click import you get the whole cd.

I can import individual tracks by clicking them individually but that seems like a lot of effort. This means that the quickest way is to import the whole cd and then delete the tracks I do not want.

What I would like to be able to is for example to have a cd with 10 tracks - of which I only want tracks 6-10 so I would like to be able to deselect the first 5 tracks and import the remainder in one go and with no need for multiple clicking or deleting.

It seems like a pretty staright forward thing and I am surprised I cannot see how to do it so forgive me if I am missing the obvious but any help would be appreciated.

When the CD Icon shows at the Top the CD tracks will display, hold down Ctrl Key and select the tracks you need, then click on the Big arrow in the middle.

I have just tested this so that I know that it works.

On the right site are the files folders in the Music section of your T10 if you select the Music icon at the top, you can create a folder for these tracks, copy the tacks into that open folder.

If you go to the Menu select Environment Setting/ CD ripping, you can select the Encoder and Bit rate, this might be the same as Media Studio but I dropped using that a Long time ago.
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