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Mark, I run my i7 in MSC (UMS in settings) mode and file folder browsing (in settings), this way I can see artist folder > album folders > tracks within each album folder. Even though my files are all tagged, I keep them organized by folders and that’s how I load them as well.

I’m not sure how you had it set when you loaded it originally but if it was in MTP you might not see some of those files if you changed to MSC mode, not to mention the problems that MTP can cause. BTW the patched firmware runs the same as non patched firmware, only the fonts are larger. Also you could be having problems if you switched from the browse by music mode to file mode.

Here’s what I recommend, delete everything off you player, use your favorite method to remove all the files, if it were me I’d format which will delete them all. Do a few tests in each setting with a few files/folders only and see what you like more, don’t forget to delete them after each test and then set to how you like it best and start from a clean slate and reload tunes.

Format instructions from Cowon here (I put the memory cluster fix in there too just in case):
★ It is needed to format the memory, so please back up your data in iAUDIO 7 16GB.

★ If you format the device in Windows Explorer, the memory cluster unit will be set wrong. So please follow the below installation steps.

★ If you would like to check the memory cluster of your iAUDIO 7 16 GB, please check below.

1. Connect your i7 to a PC.
2. Start -> Run -> input "cmd" and press the enter key.
3. If a prompt window pops up, input "chkdsk e:/f" (if your i7 driver is e: ) and press the enter key.
4. After checking disk, you can find out the each allocation unit. If it is "16,384 bytes", you do not need to set it again.

★ The USB transfer speed of iAUDIO 7 16 GB is measured by a stop watch how long it takes to transfer a 100MB file in Windows Explorer.

≪ 100MByte / 20 Second(Transfer time) * 8bit = 40Mbps ≫

╋╋ How to fix the USB transfer speed of iAUDIO 7 - 16GB ╋╋

1. Please connect iAUDIO 7 16 GB to a PC via USB cable.

2. Please click Start Button and go to Control Panel. (Based on Windows XP)

3. Please open Administrative Tools. (Please click on 'Switch to Classic view' if you can not find it.)

4. Please open Computer Management.

5. Please click Disk management under Storage category.

6. Please right click iAUDIO 7 16GB and select ‘Format’.

Please make sure to select iAUDIO 7 16GB removal disk. If you select a normal HDD, your PC will be formatted.

7. Please click OK on the warning window.

8. Please set Allocation unit size as 16 K and click OK on the popup window.

9. After format, now you can use your iAUDIO 7.
Edit: Almost forgot, you should read up on boundary and the whole play mode in section 4.3 page 37 of the manual. If you don’t have one, you can get the download from the sticky in the i7 forums, let us know if you get it worked out.

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