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Default Simplistic approach to Playlists fromLinux

I've tried using both windows media player and most of the linux varieties as well, to try and create playlists on my Sansa Fuze. Finally got so irritated with the problem that I looked into how to do playlists with your every day text editor. I use "vi" and the "unix2dos" utility. Simplistic but it works. On my SD card I found a directory labeled "MUSIC" and under it a second tier of directories including "Music" and "Playlists". In the "Playlists" directory for each playlist I wanted I had to put two files: playlist_name.pla and playlist_name.pla.refs

The first is an empty file. On linux make it using the standard utility "touch", i.e. cd to the Playlists subdir and "touch playlist_name.pla".

for example "touch eurythmics.pla" to make a playlist of eurythmics songs. Then on my host computer I made the file "eurythmics.pla.refs", ran the utility "unix2dos" on it and then copied it to the "Playlists" directory.

My current "eurythmics.pla.refs" file is:


Each of these lines is a hard coded path to the mp3 file that I would want played. In this forum's display they may have been broken in order to fit.
NOTE that "mmc:1" refers to the sd card. "/mmc:0:" would refer to the fuze's main memory.
And that was pretty much it. Very simple. I believe but haven't tested the theory that the path names can handle embedded blanks. Don't much like blanks in general because they screw up a lot of file search and sorting. YMMV.

best regards
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