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Old 07-04-2010, 11:09 PM
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Originally Posted by steagle View Post
well, i guess i should eat my words because all of a sudden i got the S9 to work on Mac, now after several transfers. this time, I formatted in plain Mac OS Extended format (not Journaled) and waited about 30 seconds after ejecting the drive to unplug it. no problems. then, just to stress-test it, i plugged it back into the Mac and unplugged it without ejecting it... turned the device on and off a couple times... and still no playback problems with the files i transferred to it. also a note that I had BlueHarvest enabled in System Preferences, but that shouldn't make a difference because it really only applies to non-Mac formatted disks.

this is SO weird. i swear i formatted it the same way before, and it froze up. oh well, if the device locks up again in the future i'll post back here but for now, i'm going to use the Mac and cross my fingers that it keeps working...

I'm not a MAC professional (AT ALL), my g/f has one, and she bought the J3 yesterday, which ended up bricked 30 minutes after unboxing due to the above described issues.

How are things with S9 on your side ?
Would you mind detail the steps you took to solve your issue if it worked please ?

Thanks so much if you could (or someone else who might have found a way).

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