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Originally Posted by The DarkSide View Post

Enjoy the J3 - while I pick form my assortment of players for the day.

And, will I use the HFI-780's, or just op for the Sony's maybe my Pioneer's,.................?

Or, my new Audio-Technica ATH-Pro700's - WooT do they sound good!!!!
LOL. People with multiple mp3 devices or multiple cellphones have never impressed me. I want one device, and one device only, that fits all my requirements. I don't need--nor do I want--a drawer full of useless gadgets. I have one set of ears to listen to one set of headphones. Having multiple players is completely useless for my one set of ears--not to mention the annoyance of having to organize the multiple collection of music of each player.

You have a great day with your drawer full of gadgets.

I'm not going to argue with you about ReplayGain--known as Sound Check over at Apple--as I want to see this implemented on the J3 as well. The fact that Apple includes the feature of associating EQ presets to each file on their players speaks volumes about the number of general music listeners who want this feature. You're asserting that Apple built this feature into their system when less than 1% of their demographics want this feature? I highly doubt that. No reasonable person with any business or economic knowledge could possibly come to such a conclusion.

Ok, I'm sure this thread has outlived its usefulness. My initial purpose for this thread was to ask if this feature was implemented or not on the J3. It is not. So If any MOD wants to close/lock this thread, please do.
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Originally Posted by Marvin the Martian View Post
However, I do not believe in different EQ settings for different songs. Different headphones or speakers, of course....but for different songs is ludicrous, IMO. Now, a different setting for watching a movie, as opposed to listening to an album, sure, I can see that. But really, say you have 10,000 songs....are you going to listen to every one of them and save an EQ preset for it? That's just silly.
Actually, quite the contrary. Put me down on the side of those who favor the EQ approach taken by Winamp, which is to have (a) a default EQ that applies to every song for which you do not have a specific track-connected EQ setting, and (b) track-connected specific EQ settings if you'd like to create one.

Personally, I think this IS how a player should work. While it can be justifiably argued that a "fixed" EQ could conceivable be associated with a given set of speakers or headphones or electronic equipment (or car audio system) to "optimize" it for your ears, this can only be seen as a "generic one-size-fits-all" solution that does not really take into account how completely different individual tracks of music really are.

So if you are talking about EQ management for a specific fixed playback situation (e.g. your car, your one-and-only-headphones, your computer sound card and speaker system) then optimizing sound for each and every track played through that constant set of equipment is really the ideal solution.

The Winamp scheme is simple, and it's based purely on track name (or rather, to be more precise, "long_filename.extension"). If you play that track, and there is an existing track-specific EQ preset found for that track, it's used. Otherwise the default EQ preset is used.

You can come up with a "kind of generally excellent for most tracks" default EQ which will be used in the absence of a track-specific preset. But if you experiment a bit and come up with what you feel to be a superior EQ setting for specific tracks, by all means you can save/auto-load that as well.

Personally, I NEVER use any genre-based or pre-built "special effect" EQ setting, even on my computers with Realtek HD Audio Codec sound that supports a whole range of custom or pre-built EQ capability that's hardware-related (not track-related as a player like Winamp would use). I only use my own custom EQ settings, and mostly just one... which I feel makes sound in general sound best on my computer (and its old they-don't-make-it-anymore sounds-fantastic Altec-Lansing 641 speaker system). This thus produces the "preferred overall sound" of my computer audio system.

But I still also use Winamp's track-related EQ on that computer, to further "optimize" how any MP3 track sounds, either by general default EQ or by specific track-related EQ.

So for me, I'd love to see this same Winamp-like track-related (or default) EQ approach implemented in any music player.
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