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Originally Posted by medion View Post
Funny that you mention that. I actually bought an Incpio Edge Slider simply because I felt the Zune HD was too thin! Different strokes, as we all have our preferences.

To be fair, I like the form factor of the Zune HD better than the Ipod Touch. The Touch being wider, but still uer-thin, makes me feel like I'm holding a wide, dull knife.
Eh. I've never really liked using cases (I prefer having my devices naked), despite the lack of protection. I mean, I like the case I won from Enzo, but I just like the feeling of the aluminum back in my palm. The case also blocks some of the bezel too, so it takes a little adjustment when scrolling and such.

But the flickering is just one of those things. Like dust getting under the screen. Or the fact that splotches appear on the OLED screen when it's in total darkness and the screen is all black.
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