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Originally Posted by NSILMike View Post
i suspect that they would agree with doing major issues first...but then you have to get some agreement on what is major, vs. what is minor, and then you have to think about which upcoming features you can fit in, how much time you have, and so on. It gets complex fast. For instance, let's say you agree that you have two very big bugs to fix...but one is simple (a month to code, verify, test and release) and the other one looks like 3 or 4 months of work... You have a release window for August, but you don't get another one for 6 more months (the 'test' group is committed to do IE9 beginning late August...for instance.) What would you do?
Well, that goes without saying, but I was very vague in my original statement.
But yes, I meant that the Zune team might not agree with ABI members (who represent the small minority) on what is a 'major' problem and what is not.
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