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Old 06-28-2010, 04:10 AM
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Default What do you use for audio books?

It has been a while since the last post about headphones for audio books. Does anyone have some new recommendations? What do you (you, abi formum reader) use for audio book listening? May be it would be a good idea to make a poll?

Me personally - I love my Phonaks, but after a very intensive year of use I had to have the cable replaced. Anyway, I love how comfortable they are and how they isolate outside noise. Especially foam ear-buds.

What I'm looking for?
Not for sound quality, though it would be nice. I'm looking for ergonomics, comfort, build quality for ear-buds as well as for cables.
I want to have my earphones around all the time. I want to use and abuse them. I don't want to carry a special pouch - I want to simply stuff them in my pocket. Therefore it isn't practical to use expensive earphones unless they are very durable. Yes, Phonaks lasted a year of my abuse without any modding, but it hurt my hart to be this cruel to them. Are there any more affordable options?

What would be recommendations for headphones (ear-bud style) given these criteria/priorities:
1. Comfort.
2. Sound isolation.
3. Durability. (If first two are satisfied and the price is very low this is not important).
4. Sound quality.

Prefered extra critera:
Over-ear cable

BTW, does anyone else likes to sometimes listen to audiobooks with only one headphone? Given good sound isolation it could be dangerous in some situations to walk around being "deaf".

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