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Hmm, changing the Icons an background on the Main Menu doesn't look hard at all! I've done lots of stuff in Adobe Photoshop and I've dealt with Flash (allthough, not my favorite program :/). I probably could learn the Action Script if I applied myself, which means I might be able to give custom UI's a shot if I get a J3! I have some of my digital works on my Photobucket page (some of the Oldsigs folder were my early n00b works and many were done in archaic programs, maybe ignore that first row or two) (Older Sigs, Good ones further down) (Sigs I made when I got better) (Userbars for various things I like)

Oh, and I didn't do that Tetris themed animated sig, though I probably could and I definitely did the Metal Gear Solid 3 Animation.
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