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Default Q2 album art problem and a few questions

have you managed to use album art on Q2?

I have read a few suggestions for older players but AFAIK in Q2 you have to use the ID3 tag. I have tried many different JPG small images (20kB, 200x200) but to no avail. I was using EasyTag on Linux to embed the image but tried also latest version of Emodio to do this. Still I cannot get Q2 to display my album art.

I have 1.17 EU flashed.

One more observation I have is that the player does not use ID3v2 tags. I have tried uploading a file with 2.3 or 2.4 version of the tag but is does not recognize it. Maybe that's also the problem with album art. Image is supported in ID3v2 - not v1.

In Emodio, there is a setting for volume correction. Does it make any difference for you if you set it?

Best regards,
Piotr Szczepanik
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replaying my own questions.

The problem I have observed with the album art was caused by broken tags. I have had broken tags and using Emodio on the files hasn't fixed them. I then used MP3 Diags to fix it and it is working perfectly now.

I have also checked files with ID3v2.4 tags only (with no ID3v1 tags) and they are also recognized properly.

Best regards,
Piotr Szczepanik
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I have Samsung YP-Q2, firmware 1.22 EU.

By experimenting I have that it won't display album art unless the "Units" section of the jpg information is set, which it isn't on a lot of the album art available.

I use ImageMagick on Linux to see the setting, but I'm sure there are similar programs:

$ identify -verbose albumart.jpg

Look for the "Units" section. If it says Unknown, the album art doesn't show on the Q2. It should say something like PixelsPerInch.

To change it I use ImageMagick again:

$ convert albumart.jpg -units PixelsPerInch newalbumart.jpg

This has always worked for me.
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