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Originally Posted by weedalin View Post
Since I don't see it, how about
1. How about, instead of a 4 number PIN to unlock the device, how about prompting for a 4 number PIN when deleting something? And make the lock failure thing more like the iOS system; a number of fails and the device locks itself, instead of prompting for a reset after 3 strikes (I've had my Zune reset due to some unfortunate accidental presses).

2. Customized media presets (Shuffle, EQ, etc.) for different Artists, Playlists, Songs, etc. This would be a great feature that would save a ton of time. For example, I have a playlist that I manage myself (Infinite Loop), but I want this to be shuffled. However, I listen to a lot of album operas (Octavarium by Dream Theater, Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd, Abbey Road by The Beatles, etc.), I usually don't want these to be shuffled (for obvious reasons). I also listen to different genres of music (Progressive rock/metal, Classic rock/metal, Orchestral, Video Game, Jazz, etc.) so it would be nice to have preset EQ settings as well.
1) the PIN is for the owner's protection, so the erase all penalty is there to stop a thief from using the owner's account and points. The missing feature is the ability to override the PIN by connecting to the home PC (the linked PC) which would have to be correctly logged in.
2) Neat idea. I just wish the EQ was better in general (too weak in my opinion.)
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