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Default Music discovery!!!

Ok so i have had my Sony Walkman X now for about a Month and have loved every little bit about it.

One of the features that i think is the nicest on the X is the Slacker Radio and i also think it is one feature that does not get its credit.

1. Its Free Music Discovery (compared to Rapsody or the zune pass crap)

2. Its Customizable (I have had no problems whatsover setting up and even changing my stations).

3. Its totally portable (ie it needs no Wifi to enjoy it) So when you are riding in your car with no connectivity you can enjoy your stations.

4. All of your favorites get saved to the stations page for easy access later when you do want to purchase or illegally download your music when you get home and access the station through your pc.

5. FREE FREE FREE Music discovery!!!!!

I just wish more people had talked up the feature before it would have made buying this player even more of a priority for me.

As far as being the best slacker portable device i can not say as my roommate has yet to get his G2 (player made by Slacker) yet. But from reviews i do beleive that the Sony has build quality any day of the week over the G2. (ie scary stories of customers going through 3 G2's in a week). Not my SONY!

Bottom line: The Slacker radio feature is one of my most used on this player! When you listen to your library 8 hrs a day every day it can get old it is nice to have the 3 stations to fall back on!
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