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Originally Posted by aryzonabay View Post
I don't know how to reproduce this, but I have a few tracks that both the device and software say are by another artist.
Example, both software and device think 30 Seconds To Mars is the band Disturbed (I don't even have any of their music). Even though the tags are correct, and the device displays that the song is by 30 Seconds, when in artist view it shows the band Disturbed and has all the info (photos, bio) as being by the band Disturbed. In the software, it is the same. When you go to 'more about 30 Seconds to Mars" it takes you to the page for the band Disturbed.
I would guess that most people do not experience this, particularly with this band, but I've seen posts on the forums of a similar nature with different artists. My guess is that its related to a stray MP3 that was improperly tagged or missing info, the software corrected it (incorrectly) as best as it could and somehow spread that correction across the rest of that artist's library. Turning off auto-fill on metadata was suggested as a preventative solution, but does not fix anything retroactively (again, all of the tracks are properly tagged). I also might add that this issue existed for me prior to 4.5.
Mine used to do it with illegal music...but not after i found a better way of downloading.
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