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Default J3 only recognizes certain GENRES?

I've been chatting with a fine fellow by the name of "flazok" (who is on these forums) and he had claimed the J3 wouldn't recognize certain genres. For example:

Rock (acceptable)
Metal Hard Rock (denied)


1.) Is this true? (test it on your J3, try typing in things like "Super Mega Awesome")

2.) How is it deciding what genre is acceptable and what is not? ( I hear Ipod sync's up with ITunes and will read any genre you type or make up, is this true?)

3.) This last one might be too broad but I might as well ask, what genres are accepted, is there a list somewhere?
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i have a made-up genre in my j3 called "friday madness". the j3 recognizes it just fine.

i use media monkey if that helps.

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I'm having a problem with genres. For example, I have an artist that has an ID3 tag with the genre 'Rock', however it and several others aren't appearing on my J3 in the 'Rock' genre. Instead they appear in a completely randomly generated genre called '(17)'. What the hell is this all about? Some of the others aren't working either with random genre names being created by the J3. On my PC in windows explorer and on JetAudio they appear with the correct genre that I've set (eg. 'Rock') but then something happens when I transfer the files over. Anyone able to shed any light on this? Thanks.
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Retag your files with a good tagger, like MP3Tag, Tag&Rename, or Foobar2000. Only keep ID3v2 tags, remove ID3v1 tags (and possible APE tags). That should get rid of these issues.
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