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Originally Posted by chynamaria View Post
I seem to have gotten myself stuck in horizontal mode somehow cause i can't switch back to vertical.

Trying to get into horizontal from vertical, i went into the option menu and pressed that button with the faded vertical box and the solid sideways box which got me to the sideways mode. But how do i get back?

If i go on the main menu there's a button that looks like the one described (when pressed, it has a solid sideways box and a lock) but i don't get an option to 'activate' the vertical mode no matter how much i turn the player...

I'm sure i'm doing something wrong but can't figure out what. any help would be appreciated.

OK I don't know why but after i shut down the player and turned it back on, it works fine now lol. (reboots always helps it seems) Thanks for the a sweet uci dnw.
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