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Originally Posted by Scoox View Post
So can will we get file browsing on the old Sansa Clip? While Sandisk would not make any money from it, it would be rather nice. In this day and age this kind of issue should be addressed via a firmware update, not via a hardware update, for the sake of the environment. I have a perfectly working mp3 player, so why should I get a new one?? I would gladly pay £10 for the update if that's what it takes. I am sure it wouldn't be very difficult to implement since they've already done it in the Sansa Clip+.

So what are the chances of this feature making it into the Sansa Clip?
From your mouth to SanDisk's ears ...

It seems unlikely at this point. If I recall events correctly, SanDisk last announced that it might turn to the original Clip as time permits. There in fact has been a firmware upgrade since that time, back in March, but it had no enhancements, only bug fixes.

And in fact, the original Clip still is being avidly sold ... Enhancement support for it (most specifically, the firmware additions already given to the Clip+, which SanDisk already has) would be nice ...
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