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Old 06-13-2010, 03:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Dan Gravell View Post
Unless I have an automatic way of synchronising the tags and file/directory names, I try to keep the number of tags lower. The reason is that if they get out of sync you can lead to false positives.

My directory structure is generally deep, so I tend to have

album_artist/album name/tracknum-trackname

For 'Various artists' albums I also add in the track artist to the file name.

I wouldn't want to pollute my tags with the numbers. I see it as more of a failing of my music player if it doesn't show the contextual information for a given track.

Also I agree with meetooman about bad characters in file names. For writing scripts etc it is also often best to replace spaces with something else.
I use the same basic folder structure as you do, except my filename is just the song's title. As far as automatically sychronizing the folder structure and filenames with the tags, I use MediaMonkey (MM) to manage my music collection and I have it set to automatically do this. When I update a song's tag(s), the filename and folders are updated to reflect the change when appropriate.

My player does display the important information on each song (title, artist, album, genre, and year) on the main screen. The main issue for me is identifying the specific song based on just the title. The additions to the song title I mentioned in the original post ensure that I can identify a specific song just from the song's title.

I agree with you and meetoman about avoiding bad characters in file names. To reduce the chances of this happening, I only use ASCII characters in my ID3 tags (and my folder structure and filenames since they are based on the ID3 tags).
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