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Old 06-09-2010, 03:44 PM
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Your question is loaded, what is worth $50 to me is stupid to most college students scrapping by. Also if you have less than 10K tracks or a few dozen vids then a free media player is probably a better choice.

1. Does Media Center 14/15 support h264 and mkv formats? Does it also support subtitle formats?
Not sure about h264, but mkv is supported as long as you have the codec installed. Subtitles work on my setup, don't remember if I added somthing for it or what. Problem is it will NOT play BluRay iso or discs. It will play straight vob and more importantly the ifo file (can change audio and activate Subs on the fly) . So far this still works for me, but without bluRay support I suspect this will defeat most folk’s version of HTPC.

2. in your personal experience, has it been worth the $50 price tag?
Since MC11 I have bought EVERY version, never at full upgrade price. Ex, $15 from 14 to 15 is my way of supporting the developers, yet most folks thought that was too much <shrug>
I also own Media Monkey Lifetime, yet have not installed it for over a year (or two?).

3. would it be a good, more user friendly transition from Foobar2000 with all of its fiddlyness?
It's been even longer since I played with the Foo, my opinion is meaningless...

I can tell you that I can sync a newer gen iPod Classic 143 (160 in marketing speak) choke full of playlists without iTunes installed.

JRiver's ability to do multilevel Playlist is why I continue to support them.
I have a large collection of audio book series, so I can have playlist groups in both artist and or genre grouping. Below the upper level group I can do multi level Series with book title(s) below and even number the series for fast find and sort.

Do yourself a favor and down load the trial and spend some time on the eval.
Their support forum has some pretty smart folks, just don't go picking a fight or comparing the competitions benefits over their love child and they won’t rub you wrong.
Buying inferior DRM lock music is successful for the RIAA
but only with ignorant consumers.
Buy used CD's and resell 'em
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