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I have both the K702 (a month or so) and HD650 (a good few months now) and like them both a lot.

HD650 are not neutral because neutrality is not the be all and end all of audio. There is nothing wrong with boosted bass if it is done cleanly and smoothly like the HD650 does. This is not a defect - it is a choice Sennheiser made with this model and you either like it or you don't.

The K702 has a wider soundstage and a more neutral bass response and has a colder sound as opposed to HD650s warmer sound. There are things it does incredibly well, like when a chord resonates and then stops crisply, and electric guitars and female vocals, really I've never heard phones do female vocals so well as the K702. It has incredible clarity and cleaness and detail is easier to pick up on, that does not mean it shows "more" detail than the HD650 does.

There is not a single sound you will hear on the K702 you will not also hear on the HD650, it's just that the K702 has more of a prominence on the treble than the HD650 and often this is where little details will sit so they are amplified, of course those sounds are still there on there HD650, they just don't stand out so much.

I think they are equal phones for my tastes and just suit different moods. HD650 are for relaxation and K702 for really listening "into" and admiring a composition. My MS2i for excitement and waking up.
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